Wolford winter wear

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I love to have bare legs in the summer, you know showing a little bit skin never hurt nobody. But now with the winter coming we all have to cover up our legs. And better to do that with the tights from Wolford. I really can say, next to their bodies, I own one that I bought more than ten years ago and it is still in perfect shape, they make one of the best tights too.

For this look I wear the Limited Edition tights called the Glam Rock Style. These babies have 8,500 rivets and are applied by hand. They are limited and there are only 699 pairs of this tights worldwide, so if you buy one you are almost sure that nobody on your coming Christmas party wears the same.

I combined the tights with a simple knitted turtle neck dress from H&M and a leather biker from Goosecraft.

Tights Wolford/Dress H&M/Jacket Goosecraft/ Boots similar


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