What to wear because it’s Sweater Weather

It’s definitely sweater weather, so what kind of sweater are you going to wear? A lot of people think a sweater is just a sweater but… Think again! It’s up to you how you feel and what you like to wear that day. So if you want to go for a preppy look or a more minimalistic feeling or even a fun sweater to wear, just go ahead!

For me it’s really simple; I dress how my mood is that day and comfort myself with a nice outfit that goes along. Most of the times I start with the top of my outfit, because for me that is nine out of ten times the best way to start.

On this blogpost I wanted to show you some different sweaters. They are all from McGregor fall/winter collection 2015.  McGregor has a big range of different styles this winter, especially when it comes to their top wear.

For the first look I went for the minimalistic feeling, so I chose to wear only a chunky knitted sweater and some savvy boots.  This is an easy peasy look that suits everybody and everyone’s body shape. It’s nice to wear it with opaque tights. I love to wear my sweaters oversized. I normally wear a size S, but sometimes I just buy a sweater two sizes up, to really get that oversized look.

nadeche de zwart mcGregor

            Sweater Anais

Fashion must be fun! That’s why my second look is a bit fun. Are you in a really happy state of mind, like me, choose something different than the ordinary. Nowadays there are so many nice sweaters with funny lyrics or applications on it. Like this funny basset sweater of McGregor. I love dogs a lot, so this is the perfect funny sweater for me. I combined the sweater with a silver sparkle skirt, polkadots tights and glitter shoes.

IMG_2040-16 november 2015 08_bewerkt_2-16 november 2015 10
IMG_2057-16 november 2015 07_Bewerkt_2-16 november 2015 12


Sweater Basset

For the third look I chose to wear a classic, preppy look. Shirt button up with a classic preppy knitted sweater in navy. Navy is that type of classic color that everyone could pull off.  To top the look of, I wear my nerdy glasses from Polette.

IMG_2130-16 november 2015 05_Bewerkt_2-16 november 2015 16

Sweater Cricket

And last but not least the sportive sweater. I’m so not a sporty girl, but I like to pretend that I am. This type of sweater goes well with jeans. Just to have that casual sportive look. All though I do like this look, it always needs to be a bit glammed up for me. That’s why I combined it with this sporty chic beanie with a veal and apple red lips.

IMG_2146-16 november 2015 04_Bewerkt_2-16 november 2015 18

Sweater Dorian

So what do you think? Are you -like me- also a fan of McGregor fall/winter collection 2015? Check their website or campaign movie and see which style you picture yourself in!

Photo’s by Hylke Greidanus

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