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Jewelry is one of the most intimate accessory a girl can get. Receiving a handpicked piece of jewelry from your loved ones is something to hold on for the rest of your life.  I still can remember my first piece, it was a closed-forever bracelet I got from my parents for my 15th birthday. On this day forward I still own this bracelet and my private jewelry collection became bigger. For me, receiving jewelry is like collecting memories.

What if those memories can be sustainable luxury by using fairtrade gold and non-mined diamonds. That is what House of Eleonore stands for. This new jewelry brand based in Amsterdam creates fine diamond jewelry, using the most rarest diamonds in the world. Their first collection is inspired by the breathtaking color palette of Papua New Guinea’s fauna & flora. But next to the collection they have a service that allows you to create your own, personalized jewelry pieces, down to the smallest detail. House of Eleonore knows how to build memories.

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Illustration by Charley Cristine



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